Kosmoil Petroleum (EA) is focused on solving the challenges facing the energy sector in Kenya. We solve the problems of grid reliance and give the clients suitable and reasonably priced solutions that meet their demands.

We are committed to selling quality solar products to our clients and providing them quality workmanship.

We offer a platform of qualified plumbers and electricians to companies looking for excellent and professional service.



Our Products

We offer a wide range of renewable energy solutions.

Charge Controllers
Regulate the energy tapped from the sun through the solar panels to a desirable current to the batteries.

Solar Water Heaters
Covert the suns energy for the purposes of heating water for your home or business.

Used to convert stored battery power to energy that can be used by house appliances.

Used to store energy taped by the solar panels or the main grid for use by appliances within the house or business.

Solar Borehole Pumps
Borehole pumps which aid in pumping water from boreholes using solar power.