Growth: The main products the company deals with are Diesel(AGO), super(PMS), kerosene(BIK), jet fuel(JET A1), bitumen, solar energy and wind energy.
We are effectively positioned to ensure a steady growth by enhancing the competitive edge and expanding into new areas and product lines.

Profitability: To provide a reasonable and adequate return on capital employed, primarily through improvements in operational efficiency, capacity utilization and productivity and generate adequate internal resources to finance the company’s growth.

Customer focus: To build a high degree of customer confidence by providing increased value for money through international standards of product quality, performance and superior customer service.

People Orientation: To enable each employee to achieve their potential, improve their capabilities, perceive their role and responsibilities and participate and contribute positively to the growth and success of the company. To invest in human resources continuously and be alive in their needs.

Environment: To adequately maintain the environment by avoiding or minimizing any negative consequences likely to directly emanate from our operations.

Featured products: Kosmoil intends to deal with a wide range or products that is demand driven to cater for most customers’ needs and requirements. These includes but not limited to:
1.Premium Motor Spirit(PMS)
4.Black oils
While serving our customers with these quality products we also take cognizant of maintaining high quality product and conversing the environment.

Kosmoil will offer a full range of fuels, that are processed with the latest technology to enable our customers get the best performance from their engines.